April 14, 2010 - Remembering you today and forever, Halle B

Gone But Not Forgotten......We Love You!

From Her Family

"Together Again"

Song By Janet Jackson

There are times

When I look above and beyond

There are times when I feel your love

around me baby

Ill never forget my baby

(I'll never forget you)

When I feel that I don't belong

Draw my strength

From the words when you said

Hey it's about you

Look deeper inside you

Dream about us together again

What I want is together again

I know we'll be together again cuz

Everywhere I go

Every smile I see

I know you are there

Smilin back at me

Dancin in moonlight

I know you are free

Cuz I can see you star

Shining down on me

Good Times we'll share again

Ooh it makes me wanna dance

Say it loud and proud

Always been a true angel to me

now above

I cant wait for you to wrap your wings around me

Wrap them around me baby

Sometimes hear you whispering

No more pain

No worries will you ever see now

I'm so happy for my baby

What I'd give just to hold you close

As on earth

In heaven we will be together baby

Together again my baby

Song By Janet Jackson


Dear Halle, Happy Sweet 16! Thinking of you today and always. We love you so much.

AP Black Mamba - In Dedication to Halle: "We Won't Be Quiet"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

AP Black Mamba video: We Won't Be Quiet

2009 Austin Performance Black Mamba team video (see above).
Dedicated in memory of teammate Halle Brent who defined "mamba toughness" throughout her courageous battle with cancer. The voice you hear at the beginning and end is Halle shouting her unique "yeah". During the Lone Star Classic Tournament, which was held in Dallas on April 10-12, the Black Mamba team, prior to the beginning of each match, handed each player of each opposing team a pink "h" heart button attached to a card that briefly explained Halle's story. Halle left us just a few days later to be with the Lord on April 14, 2009. Austin Performance Volleyball recently announced that Halle's AP jersey no. 6 will be retired and that each AP team next year will wear the pink "h" heart on their jersey similar to the tribute on the Black Mamba jerseys this year.

Turn up the volume and listen to Halle shout loud!